Rebel Spirit Sound System was conceived in late 2016 due to the joining of three like minded soundmen who shared a common vision to re-invigorate the Leeds soundsystem scene. Combining the knowledge, skills and production capabilities of two long time apprentices of Iration Steppas and the engineering and technical ability of the owner of an existing small sound system paved the way for something special to be created.

The sound system was officially launched in June 2018 at our now well-established regular club night Run the Dub, receiving high praise from all who have heard it for clarity and weight.

Whilst the sound system has a few core members, every single person who reaches our sessions are considered part of the Rebel Family.


Playing strictly raw and undiluted roots reggae, dub and steppers, Rebel Spirit Sound aims to provide a platform to showcase and promote talent from the younger generation of the roots and dub family to ensure the scene stays vibrant and healthy when the giants hang up their gloves.